Errors after updating to latest revision on Windows 7

Cesar Romani cesar.romani at
Thu Mar 18 00:07:43 CET 2021

On 16/03/2021 07:39 p. m., Norbert Preining wrote:
 > Hi Cesar,
 >> No, I didn't get any failures. I enabled again %userprofile%\texmf
 >> and
 > Good.
 >> %userprofile%\.texlive2020 and did 'fmtutil-user --all' and I didn't
 >> get
 > Why would you do this? That cries for problems ...
 > What are you trying to achieve with
 > 	fmtutil-user --all
 > ?
 > The difference is that:
 > * fmtutil-sys puts the format files into TEXMFSYSVAR
 > * fmtutil-user puts the format files into TEXMFVAR (~/.texlive2020)
 >    and when there are updates on the system side, the user formats
 >    will override the system ones.

On .texlive2020 I have some extra fonts I built, together with .enc,
.map, .pdf and other files. Do you mean one doesn't need to do
'fmtutil-user --all' in order for these fonts to work?
 From now on I'll only use 'fmtutil-sys'.

Thanks and regards,


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