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> Artemio,
> The MacTeX web pages at tug.org/mactex <http://tug.org/mactex> have a special page devoted to installing
> using the Unix script. Please read it if you haven't already.
> Yesterday there were a number of questions from people who used that method, but
> none with your problem, and all these users installed TeX Live without difficulty.
> That's all the help I can provide, but perhaps it is significant to know that the
> Unix install script was used successfully by several Mac folks.
> Richard Koch

Dear Richard and Norbert,

Thanks a lot for your help. In fact, I just realized that my problem was the Little Snitch was silently blocking tlmgr’s request to start an outgoing connection via wget to download the TeXLive distribution. Once I authorized this connection everything proceeded as expected.

Thank you both again, and sorry for the noise I involuntarily added to the list!


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