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Hi Manfred,

Marcel has already answered everything, but let me chime in anyway.

First of all
	tlmgr help
helps ;-)

	tlmgr info collections
gives you the list of all collections and whether they are installed
(initial `i').

For a specific collection you can do
	tlmgr info collection-music
but that does not give you the "dependencies". Do achieve this you can
either do
	tlmgr info --list collection-music
(which lists the included files and dependencies), or, as Marcel
	tlmgr info --data depends collection-music
but in a maybe inconvenient format ;-)

You can get only the documentation of info with
	tlmgr info --help
attached below for your convenience:

All the best


    tlmgr - the native TeX Live Manager

    tlmgr [option...] action [option...] [operand...]

    info [option...] pkg...
    info [option...] collections
    info [option...] schemes
        With no argument, lists all packages available at the package
        repository, prefixing those already installed with "i".

        With the single word "collections" or "schemes" as the argument,
        lists the request type instead of all packages.

        With any other arguments, display information about pkg: the name,
        category, short and long description, sizes, installation status,
        and TeX Live revision number. If pkg is not locally installed,
        searches in the remote installation source.

        For normal packages (not collections or schemes), the sizes of the
        four groups of files (run/src/doc/bin files) are shown separately.
        For collections, the cumulative size is shown, including all
        directly-dependent packages (but not dependent collections). For
        schemes, the cumulative size is also shown, including all
        directly-dependent collections and packages.

        If pkg is not found locally or remotely, the search action is used
        and lists matching packages and files.

        It also displays information taken from the TeX Catalogue, namely
        the package version, date, and license. Consider these, especially
        the package version, as approximations only, due to timing skew of
        the updates of the different pieces. By contrast, the "revision"
        value comes directly from TL and is reliable.

        The former actions "show" and "list" are merged into this action,
        but are still supported for backward compatibility.


            If the option "--list" is given with a package, the list of
            contained files is also shown, including those for
            platform-specific dependencies. When given with schemes and
            collections, "--list" outputs their dependencies in a similar

            If this option is given, the installation source will not be
            used; only locally installed packages, collections, or schemes
            are listed.

            Only list packages from the remote repository. Useful when
            checking what is available in a remote repository using "tlmgr
            --repo ... --only-remote info". Note that "--only-installed" and
            "--only-remote" cannot both be specified.

        --data "item1,item2,..."
            If the option "--data" is given, its argument must be a comma
            separated list of field names from: "name", "category",
            "localrev", "remoterev", "shortdesc", "longdesc", "installed",
            "size", "relocatable", "depends", "cat-version", "cat-date", or
            "cat-license". In this case the requested packages' information
            is listed in CSV format one package per line, and the column
            information is given by the "itemN". The "depends" column
            contains the name of all dependencies separated by ":".

            In case "--json" is specified, the output is a JSON encoded
            array where each array element is the JSON representation of a
            single "TLPOBJ" but with additional information. For details see
            "tlpkg/doc/JSON-formats.txt", format definition: "TLPOBJINFO".
            If both "--json" and "--data" are given, "--json" takes

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