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Fri Jul 17 16:48:29 CEST 2020

Hi Norbert,
First thanks  to you and Marcel.

On Fri, 17 Jul 2020 23:34:12 +0900
Norbert Preining <norbert at> wrote:

> Hi Manfred,
> Marcel has already answered everything, but let me chime in anyway.
> First of all
> 	tlmgr help
> helps ;-)

I tried and got lost somehow and I knew that presumably there was a
problem between my keyboard and chair. 

No surprise, all suggestions working fine. Thanks again.

> Then
> 	tlmgr info collections
> gives you the list of all collections and whether they are installed
> (initial `i').
> For a specific collection you can do
> 	tlmgr info collection-music
> but that does not give you the "dependencies". Do achieve this you can
> either do
> 	tlmgr info --list collection-music
> (which lists the included files and dependencies), or, as Marcel
> suggested,
> 	tlmgr info --data depends collection-music
> but in a maybe inconvenient format ;-)
> You can get only the documentation of info with
> 	tlmgr info --help
> attached below for your convenience:
> All the best
> Norbert
> Name:
>     tlmgr - the native TeX Live Manager
> Usage:
>     tlmgr [option...] action [option...] [operand...]
>   info:
>     info [option...] pkg...
>     info [option...] collections
>     info [option...] schemes
>         With no argument, lists all packages available at the package
>         repository, prefixing those already installed with "i".
>         With the single word "collections" or "schemes" as the
> argument, lists the request type instead of all packages.
>         With any other arguments, display information about pkg: the
> name, category, short and long description, sizes, installation
> status, and TeX Live revision number. If pkg is not locally installed,
>         searches in the remote installation source.
>         For normal packages (not collections or schemes), the sizes
> of the four groups of files (run/src/doc/bin files) are shown
> separately. For collections, the cumulative size is shown, including
> all directly-dependent packages (but not dependent collections). For
>         schemes, the cumulative size is also shown, including all
>         directly-dependent collections and packages.
>         If pkg is not found locally or remotely, the search action is
> used and lists matching packages and files.
>         It also displays information taken from the TeX Catalogue,
> namely the package version, date, and license. Consider these,
> especially the package version, as approximations only, due to timing
> skew of the updates of the different pieces. By contrast, the
> "revision" value comes directly from TL and is reliable.
>         The former actions "show" and "list" are merged into this
> action, but are still supported for backward compatibility.
>         Options:
>         --list
>             If the option "--list" is given with a package, the list
> of contained files is also shown, including those for
>             platform-specific dependencies. When given with schemes
> and collections, "--list" outputs their dependencies in a similar
>             way.
>         --only-installed
>             If this option is given, the installation source will not
> be used; only locally installed packages, collections, or schemes
>             are listed.
>         --only-remote
>             Only list packages from the remote repository. Useful when
>             checking what is available in a remote repository using
> "tlmgr --repo ... --only-remote info". Note that "--only-installed"
> and "--only-remote" cannot both be specified.
>         --data "item1,item2,..."
>             If the option "--data" is given, its argument must be a
> comma separated list of field names from: "name", "category",
>             "localrev", "remoterev", "shortdesc", "longdesc",
> "installed", "size", "relocatable", "depends", "cat-version",
> "cat-date", or "cat-license". In this case the requested packages'
> information is listed in CSV format one package per line, and the
> column information is given by the "itemN". The "depends" column
>             contains the name of all dependencies separated by ":".
>         --json
>             In case "--json" is specified, the output is a JSON
> encoded array where each array element is the JSON representation of a
>             single "TLPOBJ" but with additional information. For
> details see "tlpkg/doc/JSON-formats.txt", format definition:
> "TLPOBJINFO". If both "--json" and "--data" are given, "--json" takes
>             precedence.
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