[tex-live] inclusion of texlive-includernw

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Nov 12 06:09:40 CET 2018

Hi Roger,

On Sun, 11 Nov 2018, Roger Bivand wrote:
> Really? Why should the user of the system have to accept a gratiuitous
> install of about 100MB for just R itself, and perhaps 50MB is additional
> unneeded packages without asking for them? How may the user know in advance

Well, that is the discrepancy that always will happen when you rescind
work to others, in this case the packagers.

You can set up your own slackware Linux, and install every single
package by hand. Then you can select *exactly* what you have installed.

But if you leave decisions to others, by using a distribution, the
distribution rules apply, even if you don't like them.

One of the rules most distributions have is that if you install a
package it is ready to use, and necessary dependencies are installed.

And for *most* users this is the *correct* way (I stand by this!). For
those who want something else, they need to invest time and energy, like
doing equivs packages, installing things only by hand, whatever.

> that extraneous dependencies have been added? Why then should that user have
> to work out how to block extraneous installs of duplicate software, and to

How should the packaging system GUESS what you have installed, and
whether it is in the right version etc etc.???

Sorry, you obviously have absoutely no idea about what the work of
distributors comprises, and instead of asking politely where to ask and
what to do, you are criticizing people who do an incredible hard work to
ship you a ready-made distribution.

I ask you a last question: Did you install a desktop environment, like

If yes, did you select *each*single*necessary* library and sub-program
that is necessary for it to run? 

I guess you didn't. And there are for sure many packages installed (like
tracker, or zeitgeist, or whatever) that you maybe not know about and
never use.

And, did you complain?

It is only because you have your special setup that passes the
distribution packaging, and expect that distributors can conjure up some
magic that automatically agrees with your policy.

Please, get down to earth, and appreciate the work distributors, and
that includes us as TeX Live team, as well as all those doing packaging
work for Linux distributors, are doing.

> Please tell me where to go to get includernw de-listed from
> texlive-collection-mathscience and texlive-scheme-medium. Who maintains or
> curates these lists, where may issues be raised?

We told this to you already several times, it is Fedora. Use whatever
bug report mechanism is there. I don't use Fedora, I don't know, but
surely they have a bug tracking database.

> dependencies), I really do not need my workflows disrupted.

AGAIN!!! If you set up your stuff correctly, your workflow IS NOT
disrupted, because the R installation *you* have installed is found
first. If it is disrupted, then your setup is broken.



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