[tex-live] inclusion of texlive-includernw

Roger Bivand Roger.Bivand at nhh.no
Sun Nov 11 18:28:26 CET 2018

On Sun, 11 Nov 2018, Norbert Preining wrote:

> Hi
>> As I have come to understand it, the problem is that Fedora
>> installs R together with texlive-collection-mathscience because of
>> includernw.sty, due to it's dependency on R and R-knitr.
> Yeah, this is what I expect.
>> However, Roger does not want to use includernw, and has R installed
>> (in a non-conventional location on his computer). This leaves Roger
>> with two R installations and a .sty he doesn't use.
> And? Is disk space the problem? If Roger has his installation say in
> 	/opt/R/bin
> 	/opt/R/lib
> and the Fedora packages will probably install into
> 	/usr/bin/R
> 	/usr/lib/R/...
> then, if the version in /opt/R/bin is in the front of the PATH, it will
> be used and will not - unless explicitly told to - use the packages of
> Fedora in /usr/lib/R
> This is the very same case with TeX installations by the packaging
> system and the original from TUG. Setting up the PATH correctly solves
> these problems.
> If it is the disk space, then Roger can take a similar approach as
> explained for Debian and TeX Live in
> 	https://www.tug.org/texlive/debian.html
> under
> 	Integrating vanilla TeX Live with Debian
> one needs to create a dummy packages the tells the package manager (rpm
> in Roger's case) that there is a full R installation available.

Really? Why should the user of the system have to accept a gratiuitous 
install of about 100MB for just R itself, and perhaps 50MB is additional 
unneeded packages without asking for them? How may the user know in 
advance that extraneous dependencies have been added? Why then should that 
user have to work out how to block extraneous installs of duplicate 
software, and to do that before anyone has been told it will be required? 
I do not think this is responsible packaging, it looks much more like 
mission overreach.

Please tell me where to go to get includernw de-listed from 
texlive-collection-mathscience and texlive-scheme-medium. Who maintains or 
curates these lists, where may issues be raised?

Thanks for keeping with me.

As still partly responsible for the technical production of the R Journal, 
and for maintenance of multiple R packages (themselves with many reverse 
dependencies), I really do not need my workflows disrupted.


> But this is only necessary when disk space is scarce, what in the case
> of R should make a huge difference.
> Best
> Norbert
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