[tex-live] color and graphics config files for luatex 0.87+

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 09:29:45 CET 2016

On 20 January 2016 at 23:38, Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> wrote:

>     For reasons I don't fully understand the .cfg files aren't on ctan
> Because originally Lamport's idea was that someone would define them
> "locally", like someone would write the "local guide"?

Possibly, or more exactly for these cfg it could have been my idea, it's
all so long ago:-)

>   And because the
> versions in different distributions diverged as a result?  Obviously I
> don't fully understand either ... :).
>     It would be helpful if the color and graphics .cfg files defaulted
>     this option if used with a new luatex.
>     https://github.com/davidcarlisle/luatex-def
> For sure, thanks.
> Re color.cfg, a triviality: the mention of "teTeX/" in the banner may as
> well go.  I removed it from graphics.cfg years ago.  I just never had a
> reason to edit color.cfg.


> Re graphics.cfg: why did you remove the special hack at the end that
> avoids the gunzip calls for dvips?  (complete with the "explicite" typo :)
> That stuff has been there since day one, so I'm loath to remove it now.
> Unless you want to change LaTeX's dvips.def in this regard ...

Thanks for reminding me: I _have_ changed dvips, also I changed trig to use
"0" and "1" rather than the unexpandable  "\z@` and "\@ne" so that
doesn't have to patch it (nor pdftex.def but I didn't change that)

Note also that the big conditional block of code for eps to pdf conversion
I put in
luatex.def (which seems the more natural place) if it was in pdftex.def
rather than
in a pdftex-conditional block in graphics.cfg then graphics.cfg would look
a lot simpler
(the same as color.cfg, essentially) but I left that for now.

The updated dvips.def and trig.sty are in the latex svn and we are
targeting a
release for 1st feb (latex2e 2016/01/01) so these cfg need to wait until
sorry about that.

change log in graphics svn says:

2016-01-03  David Carlisle  <latex-bugs at latex-project.org>

    * graphics.dtx, color.dtx: add luatex option. (luatex.def to be
    distributed separately.)

    * trig.dtx: make pre-calculated trig values expand to digits
    rather than use \chardef

2015-12-30  David Carlisle  <latex-bugs at latex-project.org>

    * drivers.dtx: dvips can deal natively with compressed eps
    (was in texlive's graphics.cfg)

> Thanks,
> K

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