[tex-live] color and graphics config files for luatex 0.87+

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jan 21 00:38:17 CET 2016

    For reasons I don't fully understand the .cfg files aren't on ctan 

Because originally Lamport's idea was that someone would define them
"locally", like someone would write the "local guide"?  And because the
versions in different distributions diverged as a result?  Obviously I
don't fully understand either ... :).

    It would be helpful if the color and graphics .cfg files defaulted
    this option if used with a new luatex.

For sure, thanks.  

Re color.cfg, a triviality: the mention of "teTeX/" in the banner may as
well go.  I removed it from graphics.cfg years ago.  I just never had a
reason to edit color.cfg.

Re graphics.cfg: why did you remove the special hack at the end that
avoids the gunzip calls for dvips?  (complete with the "explicite" typo :)
That stuff has been there since day one, so I'm loath to remove it now.
Unless you want to change LaTeX's dvips.def in this regard ...


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