[tex-live] Translation file of install-tl is wrongly named.

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Jun 14 01:50:13 CEST 2012

On Mi, 13 Jun 2012, Leo Liu wrote:
>     Sorry, no translations available for zh_cn (nor zh); falling back to English.


On Mi, 13 Jun 2012, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hmm.  The zh-names have always had dashes and no one has ever reported
> this problem before -- for previous years, too.  Is it really the case

Karl, there is a bug introduced by me in svn rev 25377 when doing the
pt_br stuff...

I messed it up ... sorry, and nobody complained till now grrr.

We have 
which is NOT a good thing.

In trans.pl in rev 25377 I expanded the code to deal not only with
zh-* variants, but in general ... but alas, I messed it up and
switched half way from - to _ ...

THere is an *EASY* fix for that: rename zh-* to zh_* .. that is all.

Or, rename pt_br.po to pt-br.po and make one small change in trans.pl:
- $code .= "_$::area" if defined($::area);
+ $code .= "-$::area" if defined($::area);

Or we do all that after release.

Sorry, nobody caught this in time ....

> example, as far as I know, simply renaming the files would break Unix.)

No, it wouldn't. We do not evaluate the environment or so,
we put together our combination of $::lang and $::area by ourself,
and I switched from - to _, that is all....

Anyway, still we can do it post release ... I guess.

Best wishes

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