[tex-live] Bug#635382: new release of latex-unicode

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Apr 19 23:21:23 CEST 2012

    By the way, the package is already called â€œucsâ€ in TeXLive. 

I know :).

    How can I change the package and directory name on CTAN? 

In general, request the change of CTAN maintainers when you make the
upload, and they will discuss it with you.  And yes, I would upload with
the name ucs, since that's the name you/we want.

It might make sense to leave a unicode -> ucs symlink behind, so any
existing urls don't gratuitiously break.  It doesn't hurt anything.

Briefly describing the naming situation in the README can only help.

(Hope the CTAN maintainers on this list are ok with this advice ... :)

As for MiKTeX, I'm guessing that Christian will do the rename on his own
when he sees it happen on CTAN.  If not, well, that's up to him, of course.


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