[tex-live] Bug#635382: new release of latex-unicode

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at cs.ioc.ee
Thu Apr 19 22:26:45 CEST 2012

Am Mittwoch, den 18.04.2012, 14:33 -0700 schrieb Karl Berry:
> I wonder whether it is sensible to always call the package ucs
> Please do.  There are far too many gratuitious name differences already,
> and ucs is at least a little more specific than "unicode".

By the way, the package is already called “ucs” in TeXLive. However, it
is called “unicode” in MiKTeX. And it is called “unicode” on CTAN, and
its directory on CTAN is also called “unicode”.

How can I change the package and directory name on CTAN? Is there a
dedicated process for doing so? Should I upload the package under the
name “ucs”? Should the “unicode” entry be changed to just contain some
README that tells that the package name has changed? Should the
“unicode” entry be removed entirely?

Best wishes,

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