[tex-live] Bug#635382: new release of latex-unicode

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Apr 19 23:46:04 CEST 2012

Wolfgang Jeltsch <wolfgang at cs.ioc.ee> wrote:

> By the way, the package is already called “ucs” in TeXLive. However, it
> is called “unicode” in MiKTeX. And it is called “unicode” on CTAN, and
> its directory on CTAN is also called “unicode”.

i wonder what you consider is naming what, here?  if you're assuming the
catalogue "entry" name is the source, you're wrong.  the catalogue only
really emerged about 10 years after ctan, and its first population was
named from the directory that the catalogue entry described.

tbh, i don't recall the first appearance of unicode package: if i had
been as involved in catalogue work, then, as i am now, i would probably
have objected.

i'm all in favour of unifying the name.  on general principles, i would
prefer a shorter name.

> How can I change the package and directory name on CTAN? Is there a
> dedicated process for doing so? Should I upload the package under the
> name “ucs”? Should the “unicode” entry be changed to just contain some
> README that tells that the package name has changed? Should the
> “unicode” entry be removed entirely?

upload a package called "ucs" and note that it replaces "unicode" ;-)

if you upload it to cambridge, i'll just install it.  if you upload it
to dante, there might be more of a delay.

but whatever you do, don't worry about the name change -- you've more
important work to do...

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