[tex-live] BUG? ps2pdf fails on WinXP.

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Fri Feb 18 23:05:13 CET 2011

On 2011-02-18 at 14:27:50 -0600, Dan Luecking wrote:

 > I rarely use ps2pdf but today I needed it and it failed.
 > (Windows XP, SP3) It is impossible for me to determine when
 > it might have begun to fail, but the file in question
 > (ps2pdf.tlu) has today's date and contains the line
 >    $Id: ps2pdf.tlu 21278 2011-02-04 01:28:00Z reinhardk $
 > Some experimentation yields the following behavior for several
 > different command lines. (The statement "works" means a correct
 > pdf is produced and no error messages occur.)
 >   1. "ps2pdf myfile.ps"  produces the following error message:
 >      C:\TL\2010\bin\win32\runscript.tlu:596:
 >      c:/TL/2010/texmf/scripts/tlgs/gswin32/ps2pdf.tlu:71: bad
 >      argument #1 to 'find' (string expected, got nil)
 >   2. "pstopdf myfile.ps"  (alternative program) works, but is slow
 >   3. "ps2pdf.bat myfile.ps"  (invokes the non-TL ghostscript
 >      batch file version) works
 >   4. "ps2pdf myfile.ps myfile.pdf"  (explicit outfile) works
 >   5. "ps2pdf .\myfile.ps" and "ps2pdf ./myfile.ps"  both work.
 > The problem would appear to be in the definition of the
 > function filename(), but I am not a texlua programmer.

Hi Dan,
thanks for the report.  Please tell me whether the attached file

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