[tex-live] TeX Live on usb drive

Philip TAYLOR (Ret'd) Chaa006 at Gmail.Com
Thu Mar 19 18:07:34 CET 2009

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard wrote:
> Philip TAYLOR a écrit :
>> Ignoring Robin's petulant little outburst (below),
>> I shall continue trying to help Jerónimo Leal.
> I doubt giving a procedure that will work only from one specific node af the
> CTAN is the best help.

Well, it's quite possible that the nearest CTAN mirror
to Jerónimo is administered by someone less inclined
to create problems rather than help to eliminate them.

To address Robin's specific points :

The ZIP file is 1,144,109,883 bytes;
the total size of the files after unzipping is 1,152,522,701 bytes.

Thus despite Robin's doom-and-gloom analysis,
dynamic zipping /does/ result in a net saving
in data transferred.

Far more importantly, however, it results in
a single FTP fetch rather than multiple fetches;
I know only too well from past experience that
recursively fetching the whole of /TLnet/2008
can take a very long time indeed, compared to
which the 1841 seconds (30 minutes) for
building and transferring the ZIP file is
virtually instantaneous.

> You shouldn't need to specify the location. install-tl is meant to be smart
> enough to check for the presence of an archive directory and automagically use it.

Well, it /used/ to be necessary (you told me so !), and
it still works, so why not "belt and braces" ?

** Phil.


> sure, help users who need help, but don't expect backdoors that you've
> discovered to remain open.

"back door", Robin ?  Your FTP server announces this
as a service, openly and up front.  I would have
described it as a wide-open front door, myself,
complete with "Welcome" mat.

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