[tex-live] TeX Live on usb drive

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Thu Mar 19 18:22:01 CET 2009

Philip TAYLOR (Ret'd) a écrit :
>> I doubt giving a procedure that will work only from one specific node
>> af the
>> CTAN is the best help.
> Well, it's quite possible that the nearest CTAN mirror
> to Jerónimo is administered by someone less inclined
> to create problems rather than help to eliminate them.
Could we please avoid personnal attacks? It certainly helps no user in the
world. Robin is (as all of us) spending much time to make things work as he
thinks is the best. One can sometimes disagree on a particular point, but still
respect his involvement and goodwill.

> To address Robin's specific points :
> The ZIP file is 1,144,109,883 bytes;
> the total size of the files after unzipping is 1,152,522,701 bytes.
But you could not measure the amount of CPU used for this.

Anyway, directing everyone wanting to install TL to the Cambridge node is
certainly not a good idea; that's obviously the whole point of mirroring. And
you cannot expect every mirror admin to run on on-the-fly zipping.

>> You shouldn't need to specify the location. install-tl is meant to be
>> smart
>> enough to check for the presence of an archive directory and
>> automagically use it.
> Well, it /used/ to be necessary (you told me so !), and
> it still works, so why not "belt and braces" ?
Yes, why not. I just wanted to point out the simplest way.


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