[tex-live] splitindex, koma-script and so on

Daniel Becker daniel.becker at uni-rostock.de
Thu Mar 19 16:57:41 CET 2009

> note that, unless you're creating a .tds.zip file, the tds is  
> irrelevant
> to a ctan upload.  ctan *does not want* tds-layout in package
> directories -- it makes package browsing ineffably tedious, and some
> people *want* to browse packages.

yes, I understood that. But I thought that a friendly CTAN-uploader  
provides both a package.tds.zip and package directory.

>>> I have difficulties to understand the TDS-structure from the
>>> documentation I found. The splitindex package as Markus  
>>> distributes it
>>> currently contains at the top-level three folders:
> it may well be that you're looking for things that aren't in the
> documentation, such as where to put binaries or man pages.  manuel has
> dealt with that.


> the .tds.zip is useful for some people, but it's by no means a  
> panacea,
> particularly when dealing with executables (of whatever sort) and man
> pages.

ok - still I think a tds.zip should contain *all* files somewhere. So  
I guess putting everything that is left into /source is ok since the  
"The TDS leaves unspecified any structure under source."

> a tds tree containing binaries for several architectures is simply
> nonsense.  look how tex-live deal with binaries: it's not simply a
> matter of stuffing a bunch of stuff into a directory and expecting
> someone else to sort it out later.
> if i were dealing with splitindex (hardly likely, since i'm a ctan
> person and therefore anathema to markus), i would have

had to look up "anathema" ....

>  splitindex.(dtx|ins|pdf)
>  man/splitindex.1
>  bin/<perl, java, c sources, binaries>

ok - but then I would need to leave all the other files out. But this  
would mean that I do not have a place for all the other files....

> i've not investigated the contents of the install.txt file, nor  
> install.sh
> the .tds.zip is trickier.  if i could, i would go for
>  doc/latex/splitindex/splitindex.(pdf|1)
>  source/latex/splitindex/splitindex.(dtx|ins)
>  tex/latex/splitindex/splitindex.sty
> with (probably)
>  scripts/splitindex/splitindex.pl
> thus ignoring all the binaries and java.

Ok, but those binaries are there, so I can't ignore them.

> the installation instructions would need to explain about how to  
> behave
> if you don't believe in perl, and what to do with the perl script once
> it's installed.  i tend to list installation instructions in the  
> if i need to.

Ok, thanks. I will see what I can do....

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