[tex-live] splitindex, koma-script and so on

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 19 16:05:56 CET 2009

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard <mpg at elzevir.fr> wrote:

> Daniel Becker a écrit :
> > 3) CTAN / TDS

note that, unless you're creating a .tds.zip file, the tds is irrelevant
to a ctan upload.  ctan *does not want* tds-layout in package
directories -- it makes package browsing ineffably tedious, and some
people *want* to browse packages.

> > I have difficulties to understand the TDS-structure from the
> > documentation I found. The splitindex package as Markus distributes it
> > currently contains at the top-level three folders:

it may well be that you're looking for things that aren't in the
documentation, such as where to put binaries or man pages.  manuel has
dealt with that.

> > bin/
> > man/man1/
> > texmf/doc/latex/splitindex/
> > texmf/source/latex/splitindex/
> > texmf/tex/latex/splitindex/
> I don't know what's the desired layout for CTAN, but in TL bin is outside of the
> TEXMF trees, while man is in the texmf (= TEXMFMAIN) tree and the rest in the
> texmf-dist (= TEXMFDIST) tree. So we'll have to re-arrange things a bit, but it
> is not a problem.
> > /scripts/splitindex/bin
> > /scripts/splitindex/man
> I think those are not good places. Binaries should be in the PATH and man pages
> in MANPATH in order to be useful, so the path should not contain the package name.
> My opinion is that the .tds.zip won't be directly usable (ie, just unzip at the
> root of your TEXMFHOME) by users, and that in TeX Live we don't really care,
> since our scripts can move things as we like.

the .tds.zip is useful for some people, but it's by no means a panacea,
particularly when dealing with executables (of whatever sort) and man

a tds tree containing binaries for several architectures is simply
nonsense.  look how tex-live deal with binaries: it's not simply a
matter of stuffing a bunch of stuff into a directory and expecting
someone else to sort it out later.

if i were dealing with splitindex (hardly likely, since i'm a ctan
person and therefore anathema to markus), i would have

  bin/<perl, java, c sources, binaries>

i've not investigated the contents of the install.txt file, nor install.sh

the .tds.zip is trickier.  if i could, i would go for


with (probably)


thus ignoring all the binaries and java.

the installation instructions would need to explain about how to behave
if you don't believe in perl, and what to do with the perl script once
it's installed.  i tend to list installation instructions in the README,
if i need to.


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