[tex-live] tex-live Digest, Vol 74, Issue 10

Andreas Hirsch afj at gmx.org
Sat Mar 7 19:23:36 CET 2009

Hi Steve,

quoting hmc0907 at yahoo.com, [07.03.2009 18:10 +0100]:
> Hi  Andreas,
> Have you tried to install to C:\TexLive rather than C:\Program Files
> or C:\Program?

this will be the next stage of our testing

for this time, we tested wether the default settings are working

> It seemed like Administrator privilage was not given
> even after you change your status to Administrator.

My assumtion is that the Vista virtualisation/localisation fails in some
cases on the command line or parts of the code are hardcoded for special
folder names

that I mean:

physically there is a folder 'program files' on the harddisk but the
explorer shows it as 'Programme' if you have a german version and shows
it as ?? in other localisations

Before Vista, this folder had real different names in different
localisations, e.g. one was 'programs'

maybe that here went some things wrong

If things are so, TeX-Live should change the standard-behaviour to e.g.


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