[tex-live] tex-live Digest, Vol 74, Issue 10

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Sun Mar 8 00:38:38 CET 2009

On 7 March 2009 Andreas Hirsch wrote:

 > Hi Steve,
 > quoting hmc0907 at yahoo.com, [07.03.2009 18:10 +0100]:
 > > 
 > > 
 > > 
 > > Hi  Andreas,
 > > 
 > > Have you tried to install to C:\TexLive rather than C:\Program Files
 > > or C:\Program?
 > this will be the next stage of our testing
 > for this time, we tested wether the default settings are working
 > > It seemed like Administrator privilage was not given
 > > even after you change your status to Administrator.
 > My assumtion is that the Vista virtualisation/localisation fails in some
 > cases on the command line or parts of the code are hardcoded for special
 > folder names
 > that I mean:
 > physically there is a folder 'program files' on the harddisk but the
 > explorer shows it as 'Programme' if you have a german version and shows
 > it as ?? in other localisations
 > Before Vista, this folder had real different names in different
 > localisations, e.g. one was 'programs'
 > maybe that here went some things wrong
 > If things are so, TeX-Live should change the standard-behaviour to e.g.
 > C:\texlive

Hi Andreas,
I don't think that the problems are caused by the Explorer.  If you
start the installer from the command line, the Explorer shouldn't be
involved at all.

It seems that there are problems with spaces in the file name.  The
installer derives the appropriate installation directory from the
environment variable %ProgramFiles% and uses its value by default.
If the value of %ProgramFiles% is "C:\Program Files" and this
directory exists, everything is ok so far.

I assume that only the Explorer maps "Program Files" to "Programme" on
a German Windows.  The output of 

echo %ProgramFiles%

should be "C:\Program Files" and not "C:\Programme".  Otherwise we
have a severe problem.

The problem is that Windows complains that you want to install to
"C:\Program" (not "C:\Programme").  Since the correct path is
"C:\Program Files", I'm sure that somewhere in the installer the
string is not quoted properly.

BTW, maybe it's better if you avoid the Explorer.  The localization
done in Vista is more confusing than helpful.  And you don't have to
prepare screenshots then.  Try:

install-tl --no-gui

Also, if my assumptions are true, the output of "dir" shows "real"
file names, while the Explorer is lying.  The TeX Live installer has
to deal with physical directories only.

I never used Vista.  The localization stuff is not new, maybe on XP
there had been a directory "Dateien von Andreas" which actually
doesn't exist.  But this was just something virtual in the Explorer.
I suppose that localization works similar on Vista.  However, it would
be nice if you type

set > env-vista.txt

on the command line and send me the file.  I'm quite curious whether
significant things had been changed.


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