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Hi  Andreas,
Have you tried to install to C:\TexLive rather than C:\Program Files or C:\Program? It seemed like Administrator privilage was not given even after you change your status to Administrator.

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Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2009 18:31:48 +0100
From: Andreas Hirsch <afj at gmx.org>
Subject: [tex-live] report: testing installation on windows vista
To: TeXLive <tex-live at tug.org>
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Hi again!

As promised, here are the results of our testing this afternoon:

The tests took place on a Windows Vista SP1 localized german system.

install-tl.zip has been downloaded immediately before from

After unzipping, install-tl.bat has been started as administrator

The setting of the installation-paths remained unchanged, only
collections and languages wer justified
(http://members.gaponline.de/afj/inst_tl/capture_06032009_131246.png and

Installation starts

Installation is broken due to an untarring error (sorry, no screenshot
for the first try).

No we tried a second run, resuming the broken installation. This seemed
to work

But! After restarting Vista, we've got what Steve had got before:
[Translation: folder C:\program could cause problems and schould be
renamed to C:\program1]

The TeX-Live files are splittet into C:\programme\texlive (as desired)
and into C:\program [with missing 'texlive']

So we can say: resuming from a broken TL-Inst failes!

the remaining problem is: we've got only untarring-broken installations
this afternoon :-(

It's a mirracle, why the resumed installation did not get another
untarring error

Maybe theres a conjunction 'installing into C:\programme' causes
untarring errors?

Or just a question of mirror and downloading?


'Die Physik erkl?rt die Geheimnisse der Natur nicht,
sie f?hrt sie auf tiefer liegende Geheimnisse zur?ck.'
    Carl Friedrich von Weizs?cker (1912-2007)

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