[tex-live] Removal of csplain from Debian

Petr Olsak petr at olsak.net
Thu Sep 6 19:59:54 CEST 2007

No comment.

Please, see ftp://math.feld.cvut.cz/pub/cstex/base/csplain.tar.gz
or ftp://math.feld.cvut.cz/pub/olsak/csplain/csplain.ini

Petr Olsak

On Wed, 5 Sep 2007, Norbert Preining wrote:

> Dear all,
> I want to inform you that within the next few days the
> 	csplain
> package as contained in texlive-lang-czechslovak will be removed from
> Debian/unstable (and later on from Debian/testing).
> The reason is that we waited now more than one (1) year that Petr fixes
> only the license text and uploads to CTAN, as announced several times:
> On Mit, 06 Sep 2006, Petr Olsak wrote:
> > > Do you have a timeline for a new release?  Later this year, there will
> >
> > Sorry, I have had plans to do this in Jun, but I have solved more
> > important things (outside TeX). I mean that my new release will only
> > change the license text mentioned in csplain.ini. I don't plan more changes.
> > So, my timeline is: the end of september.
> This is a sad step, but I don't see any other option.
> Of course, if later uploads will make csplain again distributable we
> will reinclude it into the Debian TeX Live packages.
> Best wishes
> Norbert
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