[tex-live] Re: Some (minor) users' problems with TeXLIve 2005

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Feb 1 00:26:56 CET 2006

Hi John,

    TeXLive 2005 bugs list overstates the problem - though
    written for LaTeX 2.09, picins (has been modified so that it) works fine
    with the current LaTeX.

Thanks, I changed it.

    has it been deliberately omitted from the Sauter Metafonts in the
    TeXLive distribution or not?

I don't remember.  I'll have to look into it again.  My guess is, not
deliberate, and I'll just add it next year.

    Perhaps what is needed is for the TeXLive installation script to make
    sure that $VARTEXMF/texfonts and all its needed sub-directories exist
    with appropriate permissions?

The mktexmf script itself should do that -- can you check the code?  In
general, I think each script should be responsible for creating the
directories it needs.  There are so many possibilities that it would be
hard to centralize it.


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