[tex-live] Re: Re: [tug-board] Any news of DVDs ?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Feb 1 11:52:14 CET 2006

Karl Berry wrote:
>     01/31/2006  10:47 AM       190,540,872 iso.tar.gz
>     01/31/2006  10:59 AM       189,692,517 iso.tar.zip
> This makes sense to me.  Both use the same basic compression algorithm,
> after all.  So I can believe that the difference, as you suggest, is in
> zipping individual files vs. one big file.  Of course .tar.zip would not
> make sense to distribute, Phil's same complaints would stand,
> even more so :).
>     01/31/2006  09:42 AM       154,393,645 iso.r7
> That is quite good.  Almost 25% better than anything else.  (And somehow
> I thought bz2 had been approaching )
> That makes me think it would be worth offering as another download
> option at some point.  
>     - 7zip is slow,
> Speed on compression doesn't matter so much.  How is it at
> decompressing?  Closer to gz/zip (ok), or bz2 (bad)?
ah, i forgot to test that (deleted the files already), but i suspect 
that decompression is probably ok; it's the analyse that takes the time

another nice aspect of the 7zip approach is that you can put the 
binaries alongside the zipped iso and that users then have a allround 
(un)zipper, so maybe it's worth switching to this method


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