[tex-live] Re: Re: [tug-board] Any news of DVDs ?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Feb 1 00:26:56 CET 2006

    01/31/2006  10:47 AM       190,540,872 iso.tar.gz
    01/31/2006  10:59 AM       189,692,517 iso.tar.zip

This makes sense to me.  Both use the same basic compression algorithm,
after all.  So I can believe that the difference, as you suggest, is in
zipping individual files vs. one big file.  Of course .tar.zip would not
make sense to distribute, Phil's same complaints would stand,
even more so :).

    01/31/2006  09:42 AM       154,393,645 iso.r7

That is quite good.  Almost 25% better than anything else.  (And somehow
I thought bz2 had been approaching )
That makes me think it would be worth offering as another download
option at some point.  

    - 7zip is slow,

Speed on compression doesn't matter so much.  How is it at
decompressing?  Closer to gz/zip (ok), or bz2 (bad)?

Thanks for doing these tests.


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