[tex-live] HP texlive

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Dec 21 23:07:06 CET 2006

    if the lib is available in a standard location for shared libs on
    the user's machine, will it be found OK regardless of where it was
    on the build machine?

I believe so.  I am under the impression that all systems search (e.g.)
/lib and /usr/lib, regardless of additional -R (or whatever) options.
Well, I guess it could depend on stuff like ld.so.conf, but any user
taking those dirs out of the path presumably knows what they're doing.

    related to something like functions that are  
    defined as "inline" in header files

Tim, maybe try turning off optimization (env CFLAGS=-g Build), and/or a
different compiler (or compiler version), if you have one available.


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