[tex-live] HP texlive

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Thu Dec 21 22:05:36 CET 2006

Hi Tim,

Sorry to be slow in responding to this.... pre-Christmas life is  
getting chaotic!

On 19 Dec 2006, at 7:58 pm, Tim Arnold wrote:

> Hi Jonathan,
> I installed fontconfig in my local dir (I don't have root access on  
> these HPs) and gave the following command:
> Build --with-fontconfig=/u/tiarno/fc

This should work for testing a build, but I wonder if it might not be  
a good way to build binaries for distribution. Would the actual path  
to the fontconfig shared lib get recorded in the binary? If so, the  
build machine really needs to have it installed in the same place  
that it would typically be found on an end user's desktop. I don't  
know how all this works, though -- if the lib is available in a  
standard location for shared libs on the user's machine, will it be  
found OK regardless of where it was on the build machine?

But that's all academic if you still can't build it at all....

> but it's failing with these messages:
> c++ -o xetex  xetexini.o xetex0.o xetex1.o xetex2.o xetexextra.o  
> trans.o XeTeX_ext.o XeTeXFontMgr_FC.o mfileio.o numbers.o  
> pdfimage.o bmpimage.o jpegimage.o pngimage.o XeTeX_pic.o  
> XeTeXFontMgr.o XeTeXLayoutInterface.o XeTeXOTLayoutEngine.o  
> XeTeXFontInst.o cmaps.o FontTableCache.o XeTeXOTMath.o  
> XeTeXFontInst_FT2.o  \
>         -L/u/tiarno/fc/lib  ../../libs/icu-xetex/lib/ 
> libsicuuc.a ../../libs/icu-xetex/lib/libsicule.a ../../libs/icu- 
> xetex/lib/libsicudata.a ../../libs/teckit/lib/.libs/ 
> libTECkit.a ../../libs/freetype2/.libs/libfreetype.a ../../libs/ 
> zlib/libz.a ../../libs/xpdf/xpdf/libxpdf.a ../../libs/xpdf/goo/ 
> libGoo.a ../../libs/xpdf/fofi/libfofi.a ../../libs/libpng/libpng.a - 
> lfontconfig \
>         lib/lib.a ../kpathsea/.libs/libkpathsea.a -lm   - 
> nodefaultlibs -Wl,-Bstatic -lstdc++ -Wl,-Bdynamic -lm -lgcc_eh - 
> lgcc -lc -lgcc_eh -lgcc
> /usr/ccs/bin/ld: (Warning) Unsupported keyword -Bstatic to -Bstatic  
> option - both ignored
> /usr/ccs/bin/ld: (Warning) Unsupported keyword -Bdynamic to - 
> Bdynamic option - both ignored
> /usr/ccs/bin/ld: Duplicate symbol "vtable for CMAPMapper" in files  
> XeTeXLayoutInterface.o and XeTeXOTLayoutEngine.o
> /usr/ccs/bin/ld: Duplicate symbol "typeinfo name for CMAPMapper" in  
> files XeTeXLayoutInterface.o and XeTeXOTLayoutEngine.o
> < repeated many times for different files; let me know if you'd  
> like all messages >
> /usr/ccs/bin/ld: Found 15 duplicate symbol(s)

Yes, please send me the full list of errors (off-list is fine, to  
reduce clutter for everyone). I'm not sure why this is happening, but  
am wondering if it's related to something like functions that are  
defined as "inline" in header files that get included in multiple  
source files. Seeing the full list might help confirm whether there's  
a pattern like that involved.

> I tried --without-xetex and then it failed on dvipng, so I really  
> haven't accomplished anything over last week.

The --without-xetex option was broken until recently (or arguably the  
dvipng build was broken if xetex was excluded), because then  
Freetype2 wouldn't be built. I corrected this in the configure script  
a few days back, so it may have a better chance now (unless you're  
running into a different issue with dvipng).


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