[tex-live] Question: windows?

Harriet B Borton bortonh at rpi.edu
Mon Sep 26 23:07:36 CEST 2005

Hi Karl,
(I'm also sending this to tex-live, hope that's the right thing to
> I just built a new image now (tons more updates...), which claims to use
> 689mb.  Could you give that one a whirl?

I downloaded this Friday, and burned the CD and tried installing
today (WinXP).
Here's my experience:

- The Install Utility window came up (looks like a nice interface)
- I selected the scheme-medium and customized it to delete the
  and add some other things.
- It appeared to install a lot of things (running list in a command
  (It appeared to install the languages even though I instructed not
- It finished and displayed an Error window that referenced the log
  (a way to click to open the log file at this point would be nice.)
- I found the log file and opened it. But I can't really tell what
(if anything)
  went wrong.
  I am attaching the log file in case it throws any light on what
went on.
- There has been nothing added to the Start menu.

The Install window utility remains on the screen. I checked the
other tabs and found that the add and remove packages windows are
empty, and the Remove Installation tab says:
  "Can't find TEXLive directory. Environment Variable TLroot not

I tried running latex etc from WinShell and WinEdt. Latex runs ok,
so does dvips and pdflatex. However, I cannot preview the dvi file.
Was a dvi viewer included? (windvi, for example?)

I don't know enough about how this installation process is supposed
to work to know if there are really problems, or I just don't know
how to use it. (I've installed previous TeXLives many times, but
this is a different interface.)


PS I just noticed there's a new image today-- should I try that one?

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