[tex-live] Question: windows?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Sep 26 23:24:56 CEST 2005

    Here's my experience:

Thank you very much, Harriet.

    (I'm also sending this to tex-live, hope that's the right thing to

Can only help :).  Thanks.

  (It appeared to install the languages even though I instructed not to.)

The way the dependencies are written (helter-skelter), I can't say I'm
terribly surprised.

    - It finished and displayed an Error window that referenced the log

That seems like the worst problem.  I don't think you actually attached
your log file, could you resend that, please?  

    - There has been nothing added to the Start menu.

I'm not sure it's intended that it do so (unfortunately).

    However, I cannot preview the dvi file.
    Was a dvi viewer included? (windvi, for example?)

Sadly, windvi no longer works with the current tree (right, Staszek?).

Perhaps we can try to find another maintainer, as Fabrice is no longer
interested in it, or include another dvi previewer, but it won't happen
this year.

    this is a different interface.)

Yes, the old homegrown installer Fabrice wrote is no longer maintained
(or maintainable).  His xemtex package (xemtex.org) has a different
(installshield-based) installer, but it is not integrated (or
integradable) with TL.  Such is life.

    PS I just noticed there's a new image today-- should I try that one?

I am doubtful that anything has changed that would affect much about
your Windows install.  There will be new images pretty much daily.  So
before you spend more time on it, let's make sure we've addressed what
we can.

Thanks again,

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