[tex-live] .enc, .map and texmf.cnf

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Feb 23 19:05:35 CET 2004

      % Font encoding files (.enc); some applications might still use
      % TEXPSHEADERS for this.

I don't like generic comments like this.  It doesn't really tell anyone
who might need to do know what the known problems are.  (It's like "this
might fail on some systems".  Thanks, that's real helpful.)  If we have
to say it, then how about saying "dvips still uses TEXPSHEADERS",
or "applications x, y, z, use this, others don't".

Anyway, the dvips source for TL is in p4.  Can't we just change it?
Isn't the change trivial?

Tom/Tomas can backport the change when and if another official release
is ever made.  (And since dvips is no longer distributed separately, and
the original development sources aren't anywhere public, the whole area
seems very murky to me.)


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