[tex-live] .enc, .map and texmf.cnf

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Feb 23 21:51:19 CET 2004

At 19:05 23/02/2004, Karl Berry wrote:
>       % Font encoding files (.enc); some applications might still use
>       % TEXPSHEADERS for this.
>I don't like generic comments like this.  It doesn't really tell anyone
>who might need to do know what the known problems are.  (It's like "this
>might fail on some systems".  Thanks, that's real helpful.)  If we have
>to say it, then how about saying "dvips still uses TEXPSHEADERS",
>or "applications x, y, z, use this, others don't".

or like in each new version of the pdf reference:

this feature ... depreciated ...
this feature ... never implemented ...
developers are advised to use ... instead of ...

>Anyway, the dvips source for TL is in p4.  Can't we just change it?
>Isn't the change trivial?

in the process of cleaning up pdftex some dvips code will follow, so it's a 
good moment to get rid of this misusage if TEXPSHEADERS for encoding vectors


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