Embedding TeXLive4 in a book

Barbara Beeton bnb@ams.org
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 08:43:25 -0400 (EDT)

staszek, regarding fonts on tex live (and ctan) comments

    We have also to clean up the mess with cm and logo fonts. We have now
    something like bsr.map for Dvips or pdfTeX, but nobody tells the BLU that
    if he wants to typeset e.g. metapost logo, he should use Taco's fonts ;-)
    I received so many questions about it.
    Barbara, you hear me? Would you transmit the problem to AMS and Y&Y.
    I hope the mess should be cleaned.

i do hear you, staszek.  we (the ams technical support group) have
been fighting this battle for more than a year.  it's in the hands
of the people here who are in charge of funding and contracts.  i
keep hoping that we'll hear something positive, but it just doesn't
seem to happen, at least not very quickly.

(a ridiculous consequence of this is that *i*'m not able to typeset
the metapost logo, so at the moment i'm incapable of actually
producing tugboat here if it requires some of these fonts.)

we're working on it though.
							-- bb