Embedding TeXLive4 in a book

Staszek Wawrykiewicz StaW@gust.org.pl
Wed, 2 Jun 1999 02:23:39 +0200 (MET DST)

Sebastian wrote:
> We would be very happy to cooperate with O'Reilly on this, but we have
> a few problems with packages which have restrictive licensing. TUG
> agreed, for instance, with Aladdin that we could include Ghostscript,
> but you'd have to negotiate separately. The LaTeX "french" package is
> another example (and rather important in your context!)

Please take into account that Ghostscript and gv is quite standard
when you have Linux. It is not the case on win32 (or perhaps, other systems).
On win32 people have such problem:
-- they can have already installed somehow GS and Gsview, but without proper
   PATH to gsdll32.dll and without setting proper env. variable GS_LIB.
   `Standard' installation of GS and Gsview do not need it! But it is
   important for gsftopk script, which is invoked by default in mktexpk run.
By now, we do not have a hint for this problem when installing from TL4
or fptex0.3 (however it is well explained in windvi.html).

On the other hand, CD without GhostScript needs some changes in
the configuration, e.g. cleaning up psfonts.map to avoid gsftopk faulty
So the better choice is to ask Peter Deutsch for agreement.

We have also to clean up the mess with cm and logo fonts. We have now
something like bsr.map for Dvips or pdfTeX, but nobody tells the BLU that
if he wants to typeset e.g. metapost logo, he should use Taco's fonts ;-)
I received so many questions about it.
Barbara, you hear me? Would you transmit the problem to AMS and Y&Y.
I hope the mess should be cleaned.

Staszek Wawrykiewicz
email: staw@gust.org.pl