[tex-k] xdvik and gcc14, pull request / bug report on github texlive-source

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Feb 28 02:51:26 CET 2024

    When I made those changes, I updated XtSpecificationRelease to 7 in
    Intrinsic.h -- which you could use fairly reliably in an ifdef.

That would have been nice, but unfortunately, on Rocky 9, for whatever
reason, Intrinsic.h also has
  #define XtSpecificationRelease 7

while Xaw/List.h still has String* for the XawListChange prototype:
  void XawListChange
   Widget			w,
   String			*list,

>From your msg, I suppose XtSpecificationRelease is also 7 on Gentoo,
where the type is (IIUC) _Xconst char**. In which case we couldn't use
it to distinguish the two cases.

Is there any other likely symbol that could be #if(def)'d? --thanks, karl.

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