[tex-k] METAFONT/MetaPost: Display-size fonts and limit on numerical values

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Apr 14 23:11:37 CEST 2022

Hi Laurence,

    In MP using one of the -numbersystem options, e.g., "double", [helps]
    Would it be possible to implement this in MF

It's surely possible, theoretically.

    and if so, could anyone estimate how hard this is likely to be?

Hard. I don't know of anyone who would work on this. Not me.

Luigi, you didn't already put number systems into mflua, did you?

    "Some editing would be required in order to merge them into a
    downloadable Type 3 PostScript font" (with respect to CM).

Making a Type 1 PostScript font (with outlines) from of the MetaPost
output is done by MetaType1. That's how Latin Modern and the TeX Gyre
fonts are created. There's not a lot of documentation, but here's the
package page:
There are a couple articles in TUGboat about it, too. --good luck, karl.

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