[tex-k] errata.tex update from DEK

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Mar 24 17:54:34 CET 2021

FYI below from DEK. Don is not reviewing additional bug reports now. He
just found these two in errata.tex on his own, I guess. (I committed to TL
in r58682. There will be at least one more build.)

If anyone has any ideas about promoting the new C&T volumes, as he is
hoping, please discuss or write board at tug.org. E.g., I have no clue how
to reach libraries en masse about a donation. --thanks, karl.

From: DEK
To: Karl

I found and fixed two small typos in errata.tex. A corrected file is

The Jubilee Edition now is at the printer. Spiffy new covers have
been designed to go with it. I hope there are good ways to promote it,
in your circles, so that many copies will exist for future historians!

David [Fuchs] had a curious idea to donate copies to libraries. (Not
necessary for Stanford, since our librarian has already ordered a new
set.)  Most libraries will not purchase, if they already own a prior
printing, because they will have no idea how many changes have been
incorporated.  Libraries that don't already have a copy will perhaps
want to supplement their collection on "historic examples of beautiful
books devoted to the process of creating beautiful books", if the books
are donated.

--- errata.tex	(revision 58678)
+++ errata.tex	(working copy)
@@ -1524,7 +1524,7 @@
 \bugonpage D14, line 1 of \S30 (05/05/14)
-{\bf 20.} \quad The \\{input\_ln} function brings the next line of input from the specified
+{\bf 30.} \quad The \\{input\_ln} function brings the next line of input from the specified
 file into available\cutpar
 \bugonpage D21, line 8 of \S47 (10/11/20)
@@ -1670,7 +1670,7 @@
 (A user who tries some shenanigan like `{\bf for} $\ldots$ {\bf let} {\bf endfor}'
 will be foiled by the \\{get\_symbol}\cutpar
-\bugonpage D351, lines 2--7 of \S536 become five lines (12/11/20)
+\bugonpage D351, lines 2--7 of \S790 become five lines (12/11/20)
 {\bf begin} \\{wlog}(\\{banner});

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