[tex-k] Bug or feature?

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at freenet.de
Sat Mar 27 19:20:42 CET 2021

Looking at spread 302/303 of Volume B of C&T, I notice that the two 
'case' statements in sections 728 and 731 together with their case 
labels are indented "one notch", while the "case-less" case labels in 
section 730 are typeset flush left.

This effect also occurs with CWEAVE and with CTWILL in similar sections 
with "switch-less cases" (e.g., in 'ctangle.w' and 'cweave.w', in module 
'gb_gates.w' of SGB, and in several modules of MMIX).

The extra notch of indentation can be achieved by adding '@t\1\5\5@>' 
after the '...@>=' at the start of a C/WEB section (although in section 
730 of 'tex.web' an extra '@t\5\5@>' in front of '@<Set up the 
values...@>' is necessary to keep things aligned).

Should we care about the correct indentation in these 'cases'?  And 
could it be considered a bug in WEAVE/CWEAVE/CTWILL?


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