[tex-k] Is there a way to find the error line?

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No problem, it will come to practicaly no additional memory use at all. I will just add hyf_* nodes (by
a hyf__* node I mean a triple huf_distance, hyf_num, hyf_next) whenever needed (only for special patterns and
only a single time for each pattern type) and will store them together with the other hyf_* nodes. The trick will be that:

1) special hyf_* nodes will be chained between regular hyf_* nodes, the difference being that their hyf_num values will be 0,
something that can never happen otherwise

2) I will store in these special nodes:

a) the number of char nodes before the current position to remove in order to place the discretionary node

b) the number of char nodes to remove after the current position

c) the list of tokens to be converted into a list of nodes for the pre-hyphenation part of the discretionary

d) the list of tokens to be converted into a list of nodes for the post-hyphenation part of the discretionary

The number of additional nodes will be very small and will have no significant effect on the size of the hyf_* table.



> Le 22 mars 2021 à 23:52, Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> a écrit :
> In particular, using more memory for
> every single pattern, not just those that need the new feature, seems
> like it could be a problem. (Having just had to increase the trie size
> because of new patterns, it's on my mind.)
> I don't know if it's possible to architect the change so that only
> patterns that use the new feature have the increased memory usage, but
> that would surely be desirable. --thanks, karl.

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