[tex-k] Is there a way to find the error line?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Mar 22 23:52:57 CET 2021

    keep the existing WEB

It's definitely better to keep all existing modules numbered as they
are. Andreas S went to a lot of trouble to restore that, so that the
module numbers in our woven output (see ctan.org/pkg/knuth-pdf) will
once again match Knuth's canonical versions.

So let's not break that again. Better to put all new modules after
"system dependencies".

Yannis, I have to admit I am beginning to worry about the new feature
you're thinking about (\discretionary support in \patterns) more than
when you first mentioned it to me. In particular, using more memory for
every single pattern, not just those that need the new feature, seems
like it could be a problem. (Having just had to increase the trie size
because of new patterns, it's on my mind.)

I don't know if it's possible to architect the change so that only
patterns that use the new feature have the increased memory usage, but
that would surely be desirable. --thanks, karl.

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