[tex-k] trouble with webmac21.tex

Wolfgang Helbig helbig at mailbox.org
Sat Feb 20 12:09:34 CET 2021

Hello Karl,
> It does look like it, but Knuth will not look again at tex.web or
> webmac.tex for years. So you/we are going to have to live with it,
> in any case.
Thats ok! We have three workarounds, increase memory, switch to 
14webmac.tex, apply the changes suggested by Joachim, for which I am 
very thankful.

Still I'd like to know the cause. The redefinition of \N in tex.web 
might conflict with the changes in webmac.tex.
Why was webmac changed? To the user the difference doesn't seem to be 
visible, aside the crash.
> I'll ask DRF if he would like to look at it. I can't feasibly do
> anything about it myself.
any help is welcome!

Wolfgang Helbig
Stauferstr. 22
71334 Waiblingen
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