[tex-k] diffs in trap.log

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Oct 20 23:49:59 CEST 2020

    This is the relevant difference. Line 11458 of the 2008-mf is replaced 
    by the two lines
    11460 and 11461 of the 2014-mf.
    < done1: link(p):=s; beta:=-y_coord(h);
    > done1: if (link(p)<>null) then free_node(link(p),knot_node_size);
    > link(p):=s; beta:=-y_coord(h);

    I undid that change in my mf.ch file and voila - no 
    differences in the pointer values.

Good sleuthing. It turns out this was previously discovered (I think
shortly after the 2014 tune-up), so in web2c/triptrap/README, I wrote:

  For trap, additionally, the capsule numbers will be different.  We
  believe this is because the master trap.log was not updated completed
  after the 2.7182818 (2014) tune-up, and have asked Knuth to review.

Hopefully we'll all be back in sync after next time. --thanks, karl.

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