[tex-k] segfault in texlive2020 pdftex/luatex/xetex/ptex/...

Akira Kakuto kakuto at w32tex.org
Thu May 28 08:25:13 CEST 2020

> The goal would be to detect the problem and exit
> (not necessarily with a nice TeX error message) before crashing.

I experimented on 32bit Windows in the case of pdftex
by varying stack size.
Usually I'm using stack size = 0x500000 = 5MiB.
pdftex -cnf-line=expand_depth=46000 test.tex
was OK, but
pdftex -cnf-line=expand_depth=47000 test.tex
In the case that stack size = 600000 = 600KB, crashed at about
pdftex -cnf-line=expand_depth=5660 test.tex

Probably cygwin build is using relatively small stack size.


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