[tex-k] Error in TeXbook?

Wolfgang Helbig helbig at mailbox.org
Mon Dec 7 12:12:16 CET 2020

Hello Karl,

first I'd like to thank you for the reply, which is not only fast but 
also convincing. In fact, it helped me to better understand TeX. To 
help  future readers of  future editions of the TeXbook, a change might 
be suitable:

page A46, line -9,-8

"If there are no more characters in the line,"

"If there are no more characters in the line, not even a <return> 


> Yes, but I believe this is not the case of "no more characters in the
> line". The preceding paragraph says "... it inserts a <return>
> *character* ... at the right end of the line" (my emphasis :).
> I believe the case of "no more characters" is this:
> $ tex
> This is TeX...
> **\endlinechar=-1
> *\show\

Wolfgang Helbig

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