[tex-hyphen] Hyphenation patterns for Belarusian

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Mon Sep 26 22:03:51 CEST 2016

	Hi Maksim,

> Many thanks for sample ldf-file!

  You’re welcome :-)  About the consonant clusters, my view was actually
that it can be worth including all the possible clusters as
unhyphenatable patterns at word boundaries – regardless of where the
clusters themselves were found – because it’s still not that many and it
makes sense to be a little prudent; for example, is it possible that
someone make an abbreviation by stopping the word right after the
3-consonant cluster?  Just a thought.

> Also I've made some progress in determining if hyphenation in the middle of дж/дз is allowed.
> Here is the script https://github.com/msalau/hyph-be/blob/master/list-dz.py
> And output https://github.com/msalau/hyph-be/blob/master/list-dz.txt
> I started with empty PATTERNS and added patterns until all words are covered.
> There are still 95 words (7 patterns) to be determined, but overall picture is already clear:
> hyphenation is allowed in 579 words (39 patterns) and is prohibited in 1280 words (69 patterns).
> So I can conclude that hyphenation of дж/дз is an exception.
> I'll try to find someone to review the list.

  This is sound.  I wouldn’t quite call hyphenation of дж and дз an
“exception” as it occurs in one third of the words, but it’s clearly the
pragmatic choice to prohibit it by default and allow it for the words
where it is allowed.

> There is also a alternative and 100% correct way: prohibit hyphenation in the middle of дж/дз and right before it.
> E.g.: 8д8ж 8д8з
> This will be valid for all cases :)

  Of course :-)



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