[tex-hyphen] Error in hypenation of Russsian accented «ы»

иером. Пантелеимон (Королев) pantlmn at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 22:11:02 CEST 2016

I am trying to typeset a document in Russian with huge amount of accents,
almost in every word. They are typeset by U+0301, «combining acute accent».
And I get a problem that in some cases the accent goes to the next line and
I get something like:


instead of


An example image is here:

Other vowels with accents behave normally.

Adding \hyphenation{ны́-не} does not help.
Making \'ы also does not help.
Making \mbox{ы́} kills the hyphenation in the word.

How can I fix it without going through the whole text (it's Psalter, by the
way) and putting full hyphenation pattern inside the words, like ны́\-не?

I use XeLaTeX with polyglossia.
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