[tex-hyphen] tex-hyphen Digest, Vol 55, Issue 5

Krzysztof Borowczyk krzysztof at jasmine.eu.org
Thu Jun 12 18:47:59 CEST 2014


and first of all sorry for the late response. My work and other private
projects take more of my time, so I get to work with TeX only from time
to time...

>  > 
>  > It was pain for me to add new language to test hyphenation. I tryed
>  > to search on internet but there mostly is outdated information.
>  > adding entries in various language.dat files did not help.
> You should be careful.  Your language.dat files might be overwritten
> when you update your system. 

Yes, I am aware of that. Fortunately, in Gentoo the file is generated
from files in /etc, so it's easy to track the changes for me.


>  > If you use miktex depending on version you need to add language
>  > entry in locally generated file it is in hidden roaming directory .
>  > I think same is with texlive.  I regenrated tex config data with
>  > command :
>  > #texhash
>  > #mktexlsr --dump
>  > and it worked
> In TeX Live, texhash and mktexlsr is one and the same script.  The
> latter exists for consistency (there are other mktex... scripts) and
> the name "texhash" is easier to remember.  However, the point is that
> it's required to re-generate the format files, otherwise changes to
> language.dat have no effect.  Hyphenation patterns are part of the
> format file.  Only LuaTeX is loading hyphenation patterns at run-time.
> I don't know what the --dump option means but since you said that it
> works for you, it probably invokes fmtutil in order to re-create the
> format files.  I suppose that the reason it didn't work for Krzysztof
> is that the format files had not been re-created.  On TeX Live
>   mktexlsr 
>   fmtutil --all

That was exactly what I missed. After generating (although with errors,
see below) I get the log that the hyphenations for the Pali language are
loaded. Unfortunately words are not hyphenated.

One thing I found in the error logs is the problem with QX

QX Pali hyphenation patterns
! Bad \patterns.
<C4>...e \ifx #1<B1>^^P\else \ifx #1<B3><BC>\else \errmessage 
                                                  {Hyphenation pattern
file ...
l.4 .ā
(See Appendix H.)

! Bad \patterns.
<C4>... \ifx #1<B1>^^P\else \ifx #1<B3><BC>\else \errmessage {
                                                  Hyphenation pattern
file c...
l.4 .ā
(See Appendix H.)

! Nonletter.
<C4>...n file corrupted or qx encoding not supported!
                                                  } \fi \fi \fi \fi \fi
l.4 .ā
(See Appendix H.)

! LaTeX Error: Missing \begin{document}.

See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.
l.4 .ā2
You're in trouble here.  Try typing  <return>  to proceed.
If that doesn't work, type  X <return>  to quit.

Is this something I need, or can I just ignore the QX errors?
It seems to have problems with the unicode characters (_Nonletter_)

I'm using the 'texi2pdf' command for the compilation of .tex files.

best regards,
Krzysztof Borowczyk

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