[tex-hyphen] tex-hyphen Digest, Vol 55, Issue 5

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Sun Jun 8 22:38:03 CEST 2014

On 2014-06-08 at 11:55:09 +0000, levan shoshiashvili wrote:
 > >    1. Add a new language support (+hyphenation) (Krzysztof Borowczyk)
 > > Recently I wanted to prepare some Pāli text in the modified Roman
 > > script. The main problem I'm struggling with is getting Tex/LaTeX to
 > > hyphenate that for me correctly.
 > > 
 > > I tried to add support for Pāli language and hyphenation, mostly by
 > > copying and modifying files for Polish language (+ hyphenation rules
 > > generated by patgen, based on a list of Pāli words I hyphenated
 > > manually).
 > > 
 > > best regards,
 > > Krzysztof Borowczyk
 > It was pain for me to add new language to test hyphenation. I tryed
 > to search on internet but there mostly is outdated information.
 > adding entries in various language.dat files did not help.

You should be careful.  Your language.dat files might be overwritten
when you update your system.  I don't know whether MiKTeX concatenates
language.dat files found in various directories.  If you are using TeX
Live, it's best to put your own hyphenation into a file called
"language-local.dat".  This will not be overwritten.  Run

  tlmgr --help

for more information.

 > If you use miktex depending on version you need to add language
 > entry in locally generated file it is in hidden roaming directory .
 > I think same is with texlive.  I regenrated tex config data with
 > command :
 > #texhash
 > #mktexlsr --dump
 > and it worked

In TeX Live, texhash and mktexlsr is one and the same script.  The
latter exists for consistency (there are other mktex... scripts) and
the name "texhash" is easier to remember.  However, the point is that
it's required to re-generate the format files, otherwise changes to
language.dat have no effect.  Hyphenation patterns are part of the
format file.  Only LuaTeX is loading hyphenation patterns at run-time.

I don't know what the --dump option means but since you said that it
works for you, it probably invokes fmtutil in order to re-create the
format files.  I suppose that the reason it didn't work for Krzysztof
is that the format files had not been re-created.  On TeX Live

  fmtutil --all

This should work but I strongly recommend to create a file
"language-local.dat" for personal hyphenation patterns and follow the
instructions of

  tlmgr --help


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