[tex-hyphen] babel 3.9 beta

Javier Bezos listas at tex-tipografia.com
Wed Jan 30 18:20:31 CET 2013

Mojca Miklavec escribió:

> I would be more than happy if you would be willing to change Babel in
> such a way that almost none of what's currently in hyphen.cfg would
> need to stay in hyph-utf8. At least the duplication of code should be
> gone.

Thanks to the added hooks, the new hyphen.cfg can be used for luatex
without changes. A new file bbunicode.dtx generates luababel.def,
which defines these hooks using the work by Manuel, Khaled and Élie
(it also generates a xebabel.def, but it's irrelevant here).

In my tests it works nicely, and patterns are loaded on the fly by
babel when requested.

However, the syntax of language.dat does not change at all, and very
likely should, but how?


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