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Karl's solution is clearly the best, but in case it's ever needed, I have
sometimes (indeed quite often) found it useful to get TeX  to decide
between roman and italic thus:

(1) I always nest italic: {\it this is italic text\/}
(2) I have an 'if' command:  \newif \ifitalic
(3) I define \it thus:  \def\it{\italictrue \juniit} [or whatever font I
want to use for italic]
(4) For occasionally used characters that require dipping into that font
(in this case Junicode), I give:

         \def\wyn{\leavevmode \ifitalic {\juniit \char"01BF}\else {\junirom

If you  need bolditalic and bold versions, it's just a matter of giving
\wyn a more elaborate definition with extra \if and \fi commands (and
defining another couple of \newif commands, e.g. \ifboldit and \ifbold),
and ensuring that these are included in the definitions of \boldit \and
\bold, as above for italic.

In use, I like to bracket off these characters:  {\wyn}.  If you don't like
doing that, you would need an extra set of { } round the definition of \wyn
so that your occasionally used font doesn't get invoked from that point

That's rather clumsy to describe but it works smoothly once set up.  It
might be of occasional use.

Best wishes

John *🇪🇺*

On Tue, 25 Jan 2022 at 02:19, Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> wrote:

>     So how can I have it work in italics, bold etc?
> As long as you use the texnansi-* encoding, the character set should be
> the same.  LM provides all the fonts of CM (and more; list below for
> your convenience), so it's basically a matter of using them for whatever
> fonts you need in your document.  There is no standard way to do this in
> plain TeX.
> Following the conventions of plain.tex itself, it would amount to
> commands like
> \font\tenrm = texnansi-lmr10
> \font\tenit = texnansi-lmti10
> \font\tenbf = texnansi-lmbx10
> Then plain's \rm, as in {\rm this is now lmr}, will switch to the
> texnansi-lmr10 font, etc.
> Math requires more work.
> There have been several attempts at making a full font switching scheme
> for plain TeX, but I've never used any of them. --hope this helps, karl.
> Here's the list of LM texnansi-*.tfm files. The LM filenames follow the
> CM conventions, plus prepending the encoding. BTW, the TeX Gyre package,
> also from GUST, provides the standard 35 PostScript fonts in texnansi-*,
> if you want those. There are more.
> Documentation, etc., for lm: https://ctan.org/pkg/lm
> For TeX Gyre: https://ctan.org/pkg/tex-gyre
> texnansi-lmb10
> texnansi-lmbo10
> texnansi-lmbx10
> texnansi-lmbx12
> texnansi-lmbx5
> texnansi-lmbx6
> texnansi-lmbx7
> texnansi-lmbx8
> texnansi-lmbx9
> texnansi-lmbxi10
> texnansi-lmbxo10
> texnansi-lmcsc10
> texnansi-lmcsco10
> texnansi-lmdunh10
> texnansi-lmduno10
> texnansi-lmr10
> texnansi-lmr12
> texnansi-lmr17
> texnansi-lmr5
> texnansi-lmr6
> texnansi-lmr7
> texnansi-lmr8
> texnansi-lmr9
> texnansi-lmri10
> texnansi-lmri12
> texnansi-lmri7
> texnansi-lmri8
> texnansi-lmri9
> texnansi-lmro10
> texnansi-lmro12
> texnansi-lmro17
> texnansi-lmro8
> texnansi-lmro9
> texnansi-lmss10
> texnansi-lmss12
> texnansi-lmss17
> texnansi-lmss8
> texnansi-lmss9
> texnansi-lmssbo10
> texnansi-lmssbx10
> texnansi-lmssdc10
> texnansi-lmssdo10
> texnansi-lmsso10
> texnansi-lmsso12
> texnansi-lmsso17
> texnansi-lmsso8
> texnansi-lmsso9
> texnansi-lmssq8
> texnansi-lmssqbo8
> texnansi-lmssqbx8
> texnansi-lmssqo8
> texnansi-lmtcsc10
> texnansi-lmtcso10
> texnansi-lmtk10
> texnansi-lmtko10
> texnansi-lmtl10
> texnansi-lmtlc10
> texnansi-lmtlco10
> texnansi-lmtlo10
> texnansi-lmtt10
> texnansi-lmtt12
> texnansi-lmtt8
> texnansi-lmtt9
> texnansi-lmtti10
> texnansi-lmtto10
> texnansi-lmu10
> texnansi-lmvtk10
> texnansi-lmvtko10
> texnansi-lmvtl10
> texnansi-lmvtlo10
> texnansi-lmvtt10
> texnansi-lmvtto10
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