[tex-eplain] accents problem in pdf generated by eplain

Gérald Tenenbaum gerald.ten at free.fr
Mon Jan 24 00:50:11 CET 2022

Yes it does work! The resulting e-acute is searchable.
I am prepared to define all necessary accented letters, but only once 
for each.
So how can I have it work in italics, bold etc?
Regards, Gérald

Karl Berry a écrit le 24/01/2022 à 00:25 :
>      \catcode`\é=\active\defé{\lm\eacute}
>      after having loaded \lm in some way?
> You wouldn't want to actually define your active é to switch to lm(r),
> since you might want an italic/whatever e-acute.
> I was merely thinking of a test:
> \font\lmr = texnansi-lmr10.tfm
> \def\eacute{\char"E9 }
> \lmr An e-acute from lmr: \eacute
> \end
> And see if the resulting typeset e-acute is searchable as you desire.
> Making all the myriad definitions to make the characters work in
> real documents is another matter, but that's "just" macros. --best, karl.

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