[tex-eplain] accents problem in pdf generated by eplain

Gérald Tenenbaum gerald.ten at free.fr
Fri Jan 21 01:22:12 CET 2022

Hi Karl,

I did ask on taxhax.
What is wrong with this code:

\magnification 1200
\input eplain

Many thanks.

Karl Berry a écrit le 21/01/2022 à 00:46 :
> Hi G\'erald - there are no special facilities in Eplain to make
> PDF searching work, unfortunately. So this becomes a question about
> getting searchable accents in PDF produced by plain TeX.
> For pdfTeX, it is the primitives \pdfgentounicode and \pdfglyphtounicode
> that ultimately define how the searching works. Whether those can be
> coerced into working with the default CM 7-bit fonts, as Laurence
> described, I don't know, but it may be possible.  Unfortunately I have
> no recipe, either for that or for using 8-bit fonts like EC.
> I didn't try it, but I suspect that using xetex or luatex, and
> OTF/TTF fonts (like Latin Modern), and Unicode characters for input
> instead of TeX control sequences like \'e, would work.
> However, to make TeX control sequences yield searchable characters in
> plain TeX (with any engine), I don't know. I'm down to suggesting
> posting the question on a more general forum, like the texhax at tug.org
> mailing list or the tex.stackexchange.com forum, etc. Sorry. If you do,
> and there are any positive answers, please let me know.
> I'll try to at least mention this topic in the Eplain manual.
> --all the best, karl.

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